The rise of eCommerce businesses around the globe has brought a lot of change in people's shopping patterns. Nowadays, when everything has been digitized, people worldwide have started trusting eCommerce businesses and frequently shop from them. But, with so many eCommerce stores, the average conversion rate from making a visitor your customer remains scarcely low.

Conversions hold the highest regard when it comes to any eCommerce business because, ultimately, it all comes down to generating profits, right? 

If you are a Shopify store owner, you must already be aware of the importance of conversions. But what exactly do we mean by conversions and conversion rates? 

Conversion is the process when a visitor on your website makes a purchase and becomes a customer. Whereas conversion rate is the percentage of the number of visitors turned into customers.

In this blog, we will discuss the top 5 techniques to implement in your Shopify store for better conversions.

Top 5 Techniques To Increase Conversions On Your Shopify Store

Here are a few techniques that you can use to optimize conversions on your Shopify stores and achieve the best results.

Add A Shoppable Gallery

We all are familiar with social media, and in recent times, social media has proved to be a platform that also works as a portfolio. Brands are going all the way to use their social media channels to the fullest. 

Adding a shoppable Instagram feed to your Shopify store is a great way to ensure that the visitors stay longer to check out your products. 

There are several tools in the market to help you create and integrate a well-defined feed and add it to your Shopify store. It enhances the look of the webpage and saves visitors' time in finding specific products.

A Personalized Page

How often do you visit a website and stay a little longer because of how aesthetically pleasing it is? This is exactly the reason why a little personalization can make a lot of difference to your Shopify store.

It is important to give your customers a visually appealing experience while they shop online. But making your store look aesthetically pleasing is not the only way. It is crucial to make the webpage easy to use and also list the products in a way that they are easily discoverable and hence, easy to buy. 

There are many impressive tools available to help you personalize your page in a way that also expresses your brand by letting you personalize your Shopify store to your brand's colors, fonts, and themes.

Integrate User-Generated Content

Another powerful way to convert your visitors into customers is to give them an honest insight into your product by showing how many people are actually using your products and are also talking about them on the internet. Integrating user-generated content on your Shopify store can leave a great impression on your unique visitors. 

User-generated content is an anchor for your audience. It acts as social proof, builds a positive image for your brand, and also persuades other visitors to take action by making a purchase. User-generated content is, hands down, the most authentic way to build a brand. 

Now, if you are worried about how to collect all this user-generated content and put it to use, then we have just the solution for you. There are several social media aggregator tools that help you collect data from various social media channels and display them on your Shopify store.

Add More Information & High-Quality Pictures

When selling online, it is important to give your customers a complete shopping experience. Customers can't physically see the product when they are shopping online, which is why it is imperative to upload high-quality pictures and information about the product to your Shopify store.

Displaying the highest quality pictures ensures that the customers feel confident in taking action. It is also extremely vital to add as much information about the product as possible. Adding small details like the dimensions, exact color, or material of the product helps the customers to make a conscious choice.

Interaction With The Audience & Strong Call To Action

It may sound simple, but keeping your loyal customers in the loop can make a lot of difference. Keeping a transparent relationship with your visitors helps the audience to feel included. The interaction can be as simple as giving your loyal customers a sneak peek at a new launch or offering an exclusive discount to your new customers.

Such simple practices can also strengthen your customer base. And as it is popularly known, word of mouth is the best marketing strategy and especially when there is a fair chance for your old customers to bring new customers for you.

Interacting with the customers helps but this last step ensures that the conversion actually takes place. A solid call to action is extremely important and hard to ignore. 

A call-to-action should be crisp and easy to comprehend so that the customer doesn't hesitate to take action.


Increasing the conversion rate of your Shopify store is something that you can achieve gradually. Many amazing tools in the market solely focus on helping you achieve your desired goals. Conversions happen slowly, but the wait is usually worth it especially, if you are following the right technique to increase your conversions rate.

There are many ways to compare conversion rates of your brand with your desired goals. For example, you can use tools that majorly work with e-commerce platforms and help them create an ideal Shopify store.

These five techniques can unlock a great scope of conversions for your business. And if used correctly, these techniques can considerably increase conversions.